Repair and Remodel Projects

Belmont, CA

Their roof was falling down. With a loud crack! the old roof trusses were snapping, one by one.

First, Agape Construction rushed in to support the roof and keep it from crashing down on the customers. Then we very carefully replaced the existing truss members with larger and stronger ones while managing to keep the roofing and waterproofing intact throughout the entire process.

We were even able to keep two businesses open during their busy season while our work was going on overhead.

Brisbane, CA

Panorama Elementary School in Brisbane sits on a hillside right in the path of every oncoming storm. Over the years it had gotten pretty beat up. The howling wind had dried rainwater into every crack and left the wood siding wet and rotting.

The exterior plywood sheathing had been replaced many times, but it never lasted for long.

Agape Construction replaced the plywood, and this time we used higher-grade materials nd back-primed everything to insure a long and productive life for the school district's money and property.

Now several years later, the building still looks almost new.

San Mateo, CA

Agape Construction renovated the bathroom and kitchen at a condominium in San Bruno, CA.

The old fan had died years ago and moisture sat on the walls and ceilings to the point that mildew was covering every surface and spreading deep into the old wallboard and even the insulation behind it.

We removed all the old gypsum board and insulation, along with the broken and leaking tub and shower, and replaced the old fan with an new one that will sense humidity and keep on running until the air is dry – even after the lights are off.

New base and flooring in both the bathroom and the kitchen completed the project.

Brisbane, CA

Agape remodeled a mechanical and storage room into a new, county-approved Warming Kitchen so the children could enjoy hot meals throughout the school year.

We walled off the air conditioning equipment, carefully leaving acess for future servicing, and then installed a new oven, sink, and food storage facilities. A new door into the Multi-Purpose Room completed the work.

Take a scroll through to see the progression of a deck remodel at a private residence in Belmont, CA.