Our work is our pride.

We’re a licensed General Engineering Contractor located in South San Francisco, California.

Family owned and operated, that’s the way it has always been.

We do our utmost to ensure high quality craftsmanship with projects done on time and within budget.

We have over a dozen years of experience in all types of construction, and we specialize in Seismic Retrofit (“Soft Story”) projects throughout the City of San Francisco and the entire Bay area.

Our Mission Statement:

Constructing hand in hand with you, committed to quality, satisfaction, integrity, and honesty.

We build with your best interest at heart.


Earthquakes are a fact of life in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Agape Construction has worked with many of the various city building departments throughout San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties on seismic strengthening existing buildings with a minimum of disruption to their occupants.

We have extensive experience in wood frame, steel, and masonry construction, and can help you come up with a solution that is economic, practical and – most importantly – can be built with a minimum of disruption to you and your building.

The City of San Francisco is now requiring the owners of multi-unit, multi-story apartment buildings built before 1978 and containing a weak or “soft” story on the first floor to be upgraded for earthquake safety.

Agape Construction has excellent working relationships with Architects and Engineers who are experienced with the specific design requirements of the City of San Francisco Department of Building and Safety, and can come up with a solution that is economic, practical and – most importantly – can be built with a minimum of disruption to the building's existing tenants.

We have experienced workmen on staff, and also a wide variety of subcontractors on call who can perform the work required by the Soft Story Program quickly and within a reasonable schedule and budget.

We’ve repaired walls and roofs, remodeled bathrooms and kitchens, constructed and refurbished decks, patched, painted and repaired all sorts of additions and renovations to comercial and residential buildings.

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We can go over what you have, and what you want, and help you decide what you need. All initial consultations are friendly and (of course) free.

A complete list of projects, along with references, insurance details and the like, are all available on request.

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