Seismic Retrofits

San Mateo, CA

To update and upgrade an older apartment building, we added anchor bolts, hold downs and plywood to the existing walls to create shear walls, and then installed a steel moment frame at the Garage opening to stiffen the open side of the building.

San Mateo, CA

To strengthen a seventies-era apartment building, we welded a strap tp the main steel floor beam and bolted it to the existing masonry wall.

It was a quick and simple, but effective, solution. The tenants only had to move their cars for a couple of mornings when most of them were gone anyway.

Brisbane, CA

Agape Construction added a pair of steel moment-resisting frames to an existing, older apartment building in Brisbane, CA.

This required that we jack the entire building up off its supports, remove the existing concrete, and replace the old, small foundations with new, reinforced grade beams to support the new steel frames.

Millbrae, CA

Agape Construction performed all of the work for the seismic reinforcement of a home in Millbrae, CA..

We added hold-downs and anchor bolts, plywood shear wals, foundation plates, framing clips and a pair of ‘Knee Braces’ at the Garage Door opening to stiffen the structure