Exterior Repairs In Brisbane, CA

Existing Plywood Siding

Existing Plywood, Fascia and Beams

Existing Plywood Siding

Back-Priming Everything

New Fascia

New Stainless Steel Beam End Caps

New Siding In Place

New Fascia and Beams

Beam Repairs

New Siding, Beams, And Fascia

Panorama Elementary School in Brisbane sits on a hillside right in the path of every oncoming storm. Over the years it had gotten pretty beat up. The howling wind had driven rainwater into every crack and left the wood siding wet and rotting.

The exterior plywood sheathing had been replaced many times, but it never lasted for long.

Agape Construction replaced the plywood, and this time we used higher-grade materials nd back-primed everything to insure a long and productive life for the school district's money and property.

Now several years later, the building still looks almost new.