Kitchen and Bathroom in San Bruno, CA

Where We Started

Remove Mildewed Wallboard

Replace Mildewed Insulation

Add Better Ventilation

Backing For (Future) Grab Bars

Finish Colors

Finished Walls and Floor

New Surround and Shower Enclosure

New Flooring

New Kitchen Floor

Agape Construction renovated the bathroom and kitchen at a condominium in San Bruno, CA.

The old fan had died years ago and moisture sat on the walls and ceilings to the point that mildew was covering every surface and spreading deep into the old wallboard and even the insulation behind it.

We removed all the old gypsum board and insulation, along with the broken and leaking tub and shower, and replaced the old fan with a new one that will sense humidity and keep on running until the air is dry – even after the lights are off.

New base and flooring in both the bathroom and the kitchen completed the project.